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Spring-time maintenance

hannah read

With the weather promising to become more Spring-like from next week, it’s time to put the wet conditions behind us and get into the garden.

Here are our recommendations for Spring time grass maintenance.

The warmer, longer days, mean that the deciduous grasses that are now looking brown are beginning to grow. Now’s the time to cut off last years growth, before the new shoots appear. Cut your deciduous grasses down to ground level. Our top tip for this is to use a large grass or hedge cutter if you have one. Tie a rope around the grass before you cut it and you will have a tidy bundle to take to the compost heap. It saves a lot of time raking up!!!

If you’ve made some decisions over the winter about the positioning of your grasses, Spring is also the best time to move or divide them. Grasses establish better when they are just starting to grow, so wait until you see the green shoots before doing this. It also means you will be sure that you are replanting a healthy part of the old plant.

Evergreen grasses don’t like being cut down to grown level, so a light trim and a rake through with your hand to take out the old seed heads is enough to keep these grasses looking in fabulous shape.

Here’s to many long and warm days out in the garden.