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Using Ornamental Grasses in a Coastal planting scheme

hannah read

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful corner of West Sussex, with the coast just a stone’s throw away. Our location coupled with our extensive experience, makes Ornamental Grasses for coastal areas and planting schemes a speciality.

As we demonstrated at Hampton Court Flower Show, schemes which make the most of all types of grasses offer a diverse solution to any condition. For coastal regions, it’s important to choose varieties which thrive in hotter and drier conditions and which are hardier than others.

Some of our favourites which are perfect for coastal schemes, include the Miscanthus Sinesis Gracillimus. It is one of our longest grown varieties, with its statuesque arching form of fine leaves. It’s a late flowerer (sometimes not at all) but it’s well worth having for the shape. It’s perfect for screening, with an eventual height of 180cm. The Miscanthus Gracillimus enjoys full sun and is fully hardy, making a perfect choice for added height in a seaside garden. With a flowering period of September, it’s not too late to add this to your scheme now.

Another good choice for your seaside retreat, is the Nassella Tenuissima. With soft green hair-like foliage that sways in the wind, it’s a useful evergreen grass, providing interest and texture all year round. It manages well in hot, dry conditions - a great solution for sun-filled borders.

The Pennisetum Alopecuroides varieties are fantastic additions to coastal planting schemes. We have many to choose from, all of which thrive in typical coastal conditions where the climate may be hotter and drier than inland. The Pennisetum Alopecuroides ‘Moudry’ is a beautiful plant with arching broad green leaves which produce long black/dark purple bottlebrush spikes. These turn silver as they dry. The architectural form of the spikes create drama and interest in any coastal scheme, and with a late summer flowering period, this variety is a really great looking grass all the way into Autumn.

All the grasses above, are available for sale through our shop, plus many more coastal varieties for you to choose from.

Why not add one of the stunning glass fishes we used in our Hampton Court scheme to bring a real seaside feel to your garden. They can be purchased here