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Meadowgate Nursery Onamental grass blog

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The growing process at Meadowgate

hannah read

The care of our grasses here at Meadowgate is a full time job. All year round, there is something to be done to make sure our grasses are nice and healthy and ready for sale.

The majority of the grasses that are grown on the nursery are propagated by division in early Spring. Division is used as many grasses don’t come from true seed. Grasses are particular about when they like to be divided, and Spring is the perfect time for this job; they don’t like to be divided when they’re dormant.

The grasses root out quickly and they need to be divided and re-potted every year to keep them looking good when grown in pots on the nursery.

Some varieties such as Pennisetum Orientale and Stipa Tenuissima are sown from seed from March until early autumn.

We feed our grasses with a free draining peat reduced compost with our own mix of slow release fertiliser, to suit the needs of each particular grass. As Ornamental grasses are generally pest free we don’t use any chemicals on the nursery.

Our expertise and care throughout the year means that you can be sure of a healthy grass, ready for planting. If you need help with caring for your grasses after purchase, please let us know and we will be happy to advise you.