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Our favourite grasses - Miscanthus

hannah read

Miscanthus is one of our favourite ornamental grass families. With over 20 varieties, there’s a Miscanthus for every type of garden.

The arching plumes of this Asian native, makes this species a versatile choice within planting schemes, adding height and texture with their lush foliage.

Within the Miscanthus family, there are many different features between the varieties; The Yaku Jima has its blooms tight within the foliage, while others such as Miscanthus sinensis ‘David’ appear on tall stalks. The flowers that make them so distinctive, provide an interesting feature all year round, with their plumes changing colour through the seasons. This is demonstrated well in the Miscanthus Flamingo variety, which still looks stunning even after the initial burst of pink flowers have faded.

Additionally, within the family of these grasses, the foliage appearance can differ greatly. Variegated specimens such as Miscanthus sinensis var condensatus ‘Cabaret’ provide a modern, graphic look, compared to the billowing nature of the Hermann Mussel. There are large varieties such as Giganteus which are perfect for screening, to dwarf varieties which add interest to beds or pots and are good for smaller gardens.

Along with the huge range of varieties that are available, the Miscanthus family gives great results for fairly minimal labour. One of the many reasons why the Miscanthus is one of our favourites.