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Ornamental grasses for screening

hannah read

If you have a border which requires the addition of plants to bring height to your scheme, then our range of larger ornamental grasses could be for you. Likewise, if you have areas in your garden which you’d like to hide, then these are also a great choice.

As with all of our grasses, the screening varieties come in a huge range - from grasses with soft, swaying foliage, to stiff and upright specimens. Many change colour through the seasons, constantly adding drama and interest to your garden. A good example of this is the Miscanthus sinensis ‘David’. A lovely upright grower with arching leaves. It produces purple/red plumes which age to silver to provide good autumn colour. With an eventual height of 180cm it really works well to screen and add height at the back of a border.

One of our largest screening grasses is the Miscanthus floridulus. With an eventual height of 300cm it’s certainly one to choose when you want to conceal an old out-building for example. It’s wide arching leaves bring a tropical feel to the garden.

It’s not just the Miscanthus variety which provides screening grasses. One of our more popular grasses for screening is the Pennisetum Macrocourum. With glaucus, strappy leaves that produce many long, thin yellow bullrush-like heads, Its dramatic silhouette looks like a firework going off in the garden! This grass has an eventual height of 180cm and is fully hardy.
Paired with other ornamental grasses, any of our screening varieties will work hard to add drama and height to your scheme. A classic Verbena bonariensis is a great floral partner for these grasses, their pops of purple complement perfectly the subtle pinks of the Miscanthus sinensis Flamingo, for example.

View all of our larger ornamental grasses on our website. We’d be happy to help if you require any advice on which screening grass would be best for your space.